We understand that you'd rather focus on your work than on time tracking!

That's why in all the organization happens after the fact, so that nothing distracts you while you're working.

play_circle 45s and you'll know if it's for you:

Pricing makes creating reports a breeze and can cost as little as $4 a month.

Would you like to know the real cost of your current approach?

How many hours a month you spend on:
  • creating the right categories of entries
  • editing these categories, because they weren't that right
  • assigning entries to categories
  • renaming entries
  • etc.
and all that just to create a well-organized report?


We DO NOT collect this data.

The real annual cost of using your current approach


You are losing that much fighting with your current time tracking solution.

the annual fee of which could help you do billable work instead


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